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Fragrance Descriptions



Almond:  If you like almond, you'll love this warm, classic nutty almond

Almond Honey:  Classic mixture of almond and warm honey notes

Blackberry Sage:  A delightful treat of blackberry and sage mixed with enticing musk and tea notes.

Blue Sugar:  Finally the “brother” fragrance to Pink Sugar! Our version of this dark, sophisticated men’s cologne begins with a blend of caramelized sugar and vanilla topped with heady notes of cedar and tonka bean. The soul of the fragrance combines rich notes of licorice, patchouli, lavender, heliotrope, and coriander, freshened with crisp bergamot and mandarin, then finished with soothing notes of star anise and ginger. A fabulously hip, sexy and masculine aroma that women could wear too! Envision the sweetness of Pink Sugar, but with a clean, spicy, woodsy flair… that’s Blue Sugar!

Brown Sugar Fig:  Rich brown sugar blended with sweet, ripe fig

Cedarwood Sage:  Natural cedarwood, clary sage and petitgrain for this good for the soul blend.

Champaka:  Warm blend of patchouli and sandalwood with citrus and lavender

Citrus Sage: Dominant top notes of fresh sage, and eucalyptus intermingle with zesty citrus. Spicy clove joined with delicate rose and refreshing geranium embrace this herbaceous fragrance. Patchouli and sandalwood mixed with hints of vanilla and musk are perfect finishing accents to this invigorating creation.

Cucumelon:  A perfect blend of our Wild Watermelon, Cucumber and Honeydew creates this incredibly fresh & fun fragrance.

Cranberry Fig:  Fresh, tart cranberries balanced with sun-sweetened figs

Cranberry Orange:  Freshly squeezed oranges kissed with tart cranberry. A clean, crisp blend that is sure to awaken the senses

Cranberry Fig:  Fresh, tart cranberries balanced with sun-sweetened figs

Eucalyptus Tea Tree:  The soothingly cool, refreshing smell of the eucalyptus plant. Like breathing in fresh green air!

Fir Needle: 

Honeysuckle:  Inhale the sweetly scented nectar of these delicate bell shaped flowers! A favorite spring floral

Jasmine & Sweet Pea: These small, white, night blooming flowers produce an intoxicatingly romantic fragrance with sweet top notes and a rich base and A bright and sparkling fruity floral bouquet with top notes of raspberry, pineapple, nectarine, and green tea. The heart blends white lilies, sweet pea and muguet

Juniper Breeze: Just like the BBW Type, very smooth and fresh. Not a perfumey floral, very pleasant.

Lavender:  Very true herbal Lavender, incredibly strong.

Lemongrass:  An enticing blend of citrusy refreshing lemongrass and leafy green verbena blended with a hint soft vanilla

Lime Patchouli:  A deep earthy,musky scent with lime.

Lemon:  Pucker up to sparkling splashes of this citrus delight with luscious accords of juicy lemon

Mango: Exotic island mango, freshly sliced and mouth-watering. Hints of cyclamen petals and hibiscus complete this tropical treat

Mulberry:  This is one of our top sellers! Incredibly strong scent with great throw, very pronounced mouth watering mulberry

Oakmoss:  A grayish green moss that grows on oak trees in Northwestern America and Europe, and one of the most classic base notes used in perfumery. This fantasy Oakmoss is a deep, earthy, woodsy essence with floral undertones, Wonderful on it’s own or in blends. A little Oakmoss will put the magic of the forest in anything

Patchouli:  This strong fragrance was popular in the 70's and is still a classic today. A deep earthy, musky scent.

Peace of Mind: 

Pear Glace:  Based on Victoria's Secret fragrance, this fresh green pear is complimented by cucumber and a hint of melon.

Peppermint tea tree:  Fresh, clean, cool and minty. A true, sharp peppermint... perfect for foot scrubs, holiday candles or just everyday

Plumeria:  Your senses are sure to fall in love with this burst of refreshment! A dead on dupe for the BBW fragrance of the same name. A sweet floral fragrance with tropical influence, plumeria blossoms mix with just a hint of ripe melon

Sandalwood: A rich, sweet, earthy scent

Sweet Grass:  The sweet green fragrance of Native American sweet grass. This sacred herb is said to purify, & is often used in smudge ceremonies

Vanilla:  The rich and smooth aroma of fresh vanilla beans

Vanilla Fig:  Sweet vanilla musk warpped with ripe fig, bergamot, fresh peach, candied rum and dark amber

Vanilla Ylang Ylang:  The rich and smooth aroma of fresh vanilla beans and Ylang Ylang :An Indonesian tree with yellow blossoms that give a narcotic, sweet floral smell similar to Jasmine. A very relaxing fragrance